“It comes from an old superstition in the Middle East… Some people believe that those who want to hurt you can curse you or give you ‘the evil eye.’ The nazar is meant to counteract the evil eye… and just bring protection in general to those who wear it. ”
—Janine Hathaway, Frostbite, page 316-317


@melissaponzio1 What in the #TeenWolf what what? @MTVteenwolf

it’s derek’s scott bodypillow he snuggles with




now he’s talking to me about how important exercise is

who is this guy

he’s a japanese man named tanaka who added me completely out of the blue one day and sometimes we talk together and it’s magical

he plays the guitar but only does “stand by me” by phil collins and he will do it for you over and over

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THIS COP IS TOO REAL - Vine by Officer Daniels

Please tell me this specific cop here is the one my tax dollars pay for.

countdown to season 4: favorite parent week
mama mccall + her boys

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