Marsha P. Johnson (1944 - July 6, 1992) was an Black American, born in Elizabeth, New Jersey, as Malcolm Michaels, Jr.[1] and was a transgender gay rights activist and popular figure in New York City’s gay and art scene from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Jan Hendrik Oort FRS[1] (Franeker, 28 April 1900 – Leiden, 5 November 1992) was a Dutch astronomer. He was a pioneer in the field ofradio astronomy. The Oort cloud of comets bears his name.

David Alexander (died 4 February 1995) was a Welsh singer and entertainer.

What the fuck why wasn’t I a Korean woman 

Rick Aviles (October 14, 1952 – March 17, 1995) was an American stand-up comedian and actor of Afro-Puerto Rican descent, who is best remembered for the role of Willie Lopez in the filmGhost.

You guys…I was black omfg and a man

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    According to this, i was Frank Belknap Long. He sounds so cool! I wanna look up his stuff! :D Him or either Heather...
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    McKinley James Millet (25 October 1935 - 29 June 1997)was an American rhythm and blues pianist, bass player, singer and...
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    Jill Phipps (15 January 1964 — 1 February 1995) was a British animal rights activist who was crushed to death in...
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    Andrew “Andy the Party Ant” Phillip Cunanan (August 31, 1969 – July 23, 1997) was an American spree killer [1] who...
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    Francisco de Assis França (March 13, 1966 - February 2, 1997), better known as Chico Science, was a Brazilian singer and...
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    I was the only person to be on both planes that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. I really hope this was not me…no...
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    I am Simone Guilissen, one of the first women to practice architecture in Belgium. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?!?!?
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    I was Scott Ross, a United States-born harpsichordist who lived in France for many years. His recordings include the...
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    Anthony Francis ‘Tony’ Cuccinello (November 8, 1907 – September 21, 1995) was a second baseman in Major League Baseball...
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    I was a nazi war soldier
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    i was a music composer .-.
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Oliver_(footballer) no I don’t want that
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    guys. I was a magician known as “the professor” whose card tricks fooled houdini. i am bamf.
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    Robert Penn Warren (April...an American poet, novelist,
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    Jill Ireland, a London-born actress who wrote two books on her battle with breast cancer, was a spokeswoman for the ACS,...
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    Karl Müller (Kapitänleutnant), a German Schnellboot commander in World War II and recipient of the Knight’s Cross of the...
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    Awesome. I was a rapper who was also a registered sex offender
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    Tupac Amaru Shakur (June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996), known by his stage names 2Pac, Pac, and Makaveli, was an...
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    Larbi Benbarek or Larbi Ben Barek (also known as the Black Pearl) (16 June 1914 – 16 September 1992) (Casablanca,...
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    “Cyrus Leo Sulzberger II (October 27, 1912 – September 20, 1993) was a U.S. journalist, diarist, and author, and a...
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    John Fetzer a radio and television executive http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Fetzer
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    cALVIN AND HOBBES stopped circulating on my birthday I am crying So I become a popular comic artist? I’m down with that
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    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_J._Meadows don’t know what to think
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    I was Lisa Fonssagrives, dancer, painter, and Sweedish Fashion Model~! XD
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    Sooo, I was James Bulger. I’m sad now.
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    Masumi Hayashi (林 真須美, Hayashi Masumi?, born July 22, 1961) is a Japanese woman convicted of putting poison in a pot of...
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    Derrick Henry “Dick" Lehmer (February 23, 1905 – May 22, 1991) was an American mathematician who refined Édouard Lucas’...
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    Leroy Eldridge Cleaver (August 31, 1935 – May 1, 1998) better known as Eldridge Cleaver, was a writer and political...
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    ((Eldon Hoke (23 March 1958 - 19 April 1997) was an American musician. Nicknamed El Duce, he was best known as the...
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    Karen J. Dalton (born Karen J. Cariker; July 19, 1937 – March 19, 1993) was an American folk blues singer and banjo...
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    Katherine Squire (1903–1995) was an American actress who appeared on Broadway and in regional theater, movies and...

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